Mission Statement

The Mission of the Friends of Washington Crossing Park (FWCP) is to support the programs of Washington Crossing Historic Park (“WCHP”).  The FWCP shall support and promote WCHP as a historic site and aid in the preservation, collection and maintenance of materials, buildings and equipment, machinery, and artifacts relating to the life of our ancestors; to acquire such goods, services, and property as are proper and necessary for the promotion and development of WCHP as a historic site and to conduct public spectacles, craft demonstrations, educational programs, lectures and courses; to prepare and distribute publications, literature and other writings; to solicit gifts of money for the maintenance of the historic buildings or other property within WCHP.

The mission and goals of the FWCP are:

(a) To raise funds for the operation of WCHP and its facilities.
(b) To operate educational programs and re-enactments including the re-enactment of the Christmas Day Crossing, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day events and other similar programs.
(c) To organize and operate educational programs regarding American history and specifically the American Revolutionary War.
(d) To promote the Washington Crossing Visitor Center and its programs.
(e) To operate educational programs.
(f) To collect and display for exhibition artifacts relating to the Revolutionary War.
(g) To promote the preservation of our national heritage and specifically the American Revolution.
(h) To develop and provide staffing for interpretive programs and events related to the site and its operations.


Tours and programs are sponsored by the non-profit Friends of Washington Crossing Park and by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.